Personal Info :

Currently I am living in Odense in Denmark, and was raised at Funen in a
small village called Skallebølle.

I'm educated as Computer Engineer. It's an education where you have to
switch between school and practice about 8 times in 5 years and the
schoolperiods are mainly 10 weeks long.

The village Skallebølle is placed about 12 km. west of the major city
Odense on Funen.
There I'm born and raised and I started primary school as 6 years old in
a prestate to school called "Miniklub".
I could only take until 7'th grade in Skallebølle so after that we were
transferred to a larger school in the nearby and larger village Vissenbjerg,
where I stayed until the 10'th grade.
After a well done examination in the 10'th grade I went on to college and
got my graduation in 1992.
My girl and me found a flat in Odense. I couldn't avoid the Danish army,
and draw a very little number at the examination table, so I went to the motorized
war troops in Holstebro for 10 months.

In the millitary you don't get well payed so I couldn't save up. After the last
dismission I got myself a job. Packing and delivering danish for stores with
no backery in the night. But I wantet more money, so being a service employee
at a gasstation in the evening, was easy and at last I sometimes helped out my
father in the daytime. I only lastet a year with three jobs then I HAD to go
away for 14 days to Greece where all the money went down the drain.

A friend and me went to technical school to learn about low current electronics
but I was offered an apprenticeship as a Computer Engineer at Danfoss in
Nordborg in Denmark which I accepted. It ment that my girl and me had to
move to Sønderborg. I had to travel to Nordborg every day (except for schoolperiods).

See what Søndeborg can offer.

After I got my diploma I worked as an IT-administrator in a biotech company,
MDS Proteomics in Odense, and doing the administration and setup of almost
everything that could run on electricity. They got into financial difficulties and laid
off a lot of people, including me.

Now I'm working as a Front End server system administrator at VELUX™